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Travel Tips

"The Nile is our Tale , our clients are our history"
Alacart Travel Egypt Team has gathered all the following useful holiday information to help you around Egypt without a worry and to ensure to make your trip unforgettable. We do appreciate that you are about to disembark on a land full of adventure, pharaonic sights, exotic smells and sounds.
So we advise you to arm yourself with this further information, such as Felucca, Sleeper train, Hotel Check in and Checkout, Tipping for Guides and Drivers which are free of charge and very helpful!

A felucca is a sea-craft, made to a traditional design, with broad canvas sails. Essentially, the craft is reliant on wind-power, so itineraries are subject to change from time to time. Your felucca will cruise from picturesque Aswan through to Kom Ombo, taking in some stops at points of interest en-route. All meals are included in the cruise and cooked onboard by the crew. Accommodation is on the cushioned boat deck itself. There are no ablution facilities aboard, however the captain makes regular at-shore stops en-route, for both sightseeing, ablutions and indeed swimming in safer areas of the Nile river, where the water is fast flowing and the swimmer is at minimum risk of contracting bilharzias. Traveling up the Nile by felucca is one of the 'must-do's' in Egypt. The sun setting across the Nile in the evening aboard a graceful felucca can't be beaten! You will need to bring a sleeping bag for this part of the tour. For some weather circumstances, the felucca can change the route or may not be able to sail.

When it comes to visiting the country of your dreams, no place holds the promise of adventure and fantasy like Egypt.

Egypt is the epitome of an ancient civilization that has held the world's fascination for thousands of years.

When it comes to traveling through Egypt, what better way to experience your journey than to enjoy your precious vacation time by spending it in the convenience and luxury of a world class sleeping train? Arriving fresh and relaxed at your destination, and having spent the night traveling in comfortable style, gives you the chance to make the best use of your holiday.

Cabine Equipment:
- Every Cabin has a connecting door with the next cabin, to be used when needed.
- Cabins are equipped with basins, razor plugs, tap water, soap & towels.
- A luggage compartment is available on the top of the door.

The full capacity of the train is 13 sleeping cars each, which contains 10 double cabins, in addition to an exclusive CLUB CAR.

After having dinner, you can enjoy your time at the Club Car with its stylish design, which is equipped to offer your choice of drinks, served either at the bar, or in the comfort of your private cabin.

Each cabine has the following control buttons:
- A music audio volume control.
- Cabine temperature control.
- A private reading lamp control.
- Cabin light.
- Call of steward.

- Assortment of plain croissant, toast & French bread.
- Cheese.
- Butter.
- Olives.
- Jam.
- Tea or Nescafe.

- A choice of either fish with potato or fillet steak with potato.
- Chicken with vegetables.
- Rice.
- Green Salad & Yogurt Salad.
- Bread & Butter.
- Fresh Fruit.
- Dessert.

All hotel check-in times are normally between 1400-1500hrs. Check is always prior to 12:00 noon in all hotels.
If during your tour we are able to organize late check out, this should be regarded as a bonus, not something that is expected. Alternatively, you may be able to pay the cost of a day use room to the hotel if you wish to have a late check out (after 12:00).

Egypt is fabulous for shopping and top buys can be had. Bargaining is the norm here, with the exception of established stores, which have obvious fixed prices, though even stores with fixed prices can sometimes buckle under pressure, from would be hagglers! Never offer a price for something unless you have the intention of buying it, as this will result in a less than favorable reaction from the trader that you appear to be in the process of doing a retail deal with. He won't be happy at the 'letdown' and you won't be happy when he loses his temper at you! Need we say more! Have an idea of the value of the item before bargaining for it, having perhaps trawled a few competitors' shops/stalls first, then set the tone with a bargaining session. Be firm, although polite, and keep a constant smile on your face. Traders like the cat and mouse approach to bargaining, and it is considered part of the daily life here. However, don't be coerced into purchasing something you don't want. You will be dealing with the masters of the retail trade, so could receive a degree for having the art and sheer skill of helping you to offload and part with your hard earned cash!
Top buys here include- Perfume concentrate [in European fragrances, which are the real stuff- and heaps cheaper], hand-loomed rugs, leatherwear-including ottomans and stools, papyrus [but the real stuff from a reputable shop, and not the mass-produced pre-printed stuff that is touted about at tourist sites], all manner of Pharaonic objects- including replica statuettes, figurines, etc. [in cool designs- and often in alabaster and stone].

Egypt is a Muslim country, so respect must be given to this, particularly when visiting temples and other religious monuments. It is suggested that ladies avoid 'clingy, tight, suggestive' attire, and stick with cool flowing cottons, i.e. longer sleeved shirts and pants, in busy city areas. Beach attire is fine onboard the felucca cruise and at beach resorts. Shorts are rarely seen in cities; in fact Egyptian men choose to wear long pants. Ex-military style clothing should not be worn.
For convenience and ease of portability, it is best to use a frameless backpack or roll bag, in preference to a suitcase. Sand can find its way into the most amazing places in one's luggage, so it's a good idea to place articles such as cameras and Walkmans in a plastic bag when not in use.

This list is intended as a rough guide:
2 Sets of comfortable traveling clothes.
1 Pair of shorts.
1 Set of smarter clothes.
1 Jacket/long sleeved top.
1 Pair of sandals/thongs.
1 Pair of sneakers.
1-2 Long sleeved shirts.
Socks / undergarments.
Bathers / cossie / swimsuit.
Umbrella (if it should rain).

As you are a visitor to this country, you do not always know the right amount to tip someone. It is always at your discretion the amount to tip someone as it is essentially a sign of your appreciation for the services rendered, however, we are able to give you a guideline of recommended amounts to help you in your budgeting and also to give you a better idea of what amount people generally give as tips (known locally as "baksheesh"). The following amounts are in US Dollars ( US $.) and are on a per person basis. (In the case that you are traveling without a tour leader for the whole journey).

I- Individual Travelers

Cairo Representative 10– 20 US $. (For your whole trip)
Aswan Representative 5-10 US $
Luxor Representative 5-10 US $.
Guides 10 US $(per day)
Drivers 5 US $ . (per day)
Felucca Captain 5-10 US $. (for the 2 night Felucca cruise)
Cruise Captain 5 US $. (per night on the boat, per person)
Porters and Hotel Staff 2- 5 US $ . (per service rendered)

II- Group Travelers, with Tour Guide (not less than 4 pax)
If you are joining one of our guided tours, our tour guide will be an Egyptologist and a tour leader who will accompany you for your whole trip.
(Note: This is subject to the number of people that are traveling, not less than 4 pax)
Egypt A La Carte will recommend to collect a tipping kitty which will cover Porters and Hotel staff, Reception, Drivers, Guards on site, etc...
The only exception that will not be included in the tipping kitty is your tour guide, Cairo Rep. and Felucca or Cruise boat.

The cost of your tour includes the departure transfer to the airport. Please be at the reception on the day of your departure 3 hours before flight time. You must re-confirm your flight by phone at least 72 hours before departure.

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